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ر.ق. 62,500 Negotiable


Roland Petrus
  • 7,102 Km

2014 Nissan Patrol le Platinum for sale, still very clean in and out. The car is in good and perfect condition.Interested buyer should email me for more details ( ).

ر.ق. 99,000 Negotiable


Nanaonga Nanaonga
  • 49,000 Km

للبيع نيسان بترول موديل ٢٠١٤ تأمين لغاية ١٢ /٢٠١٧ السيارة بحالة ممتازة وخالية من أي عيوب السعر المطلوب بحد المعقول للتواصل

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Nissan Patrol for Sale in Qatar

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Considered as a series of large four-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by the Japanese giant Nissan, Patrol was born into existence in the year 1951 to be regarded generally as a tough and utilitarian 4x4 around the world, to soon start competing in the luxury SUV segment with its main rival from its same homeland Toyota Land Cruiser.

Now in its sixth generation and widely known and respected for its power and durability around the world and particularly in the Gulf area in the Middle East, the Nissan Patrol represents strength and takes you in an epic journey anytime, anywhere and remains in production to this day, and it has evolved year after another in many ways to become a leading SUV in its class.

People around the world and in Qatar are actively seeking Nissan Patrol for sale for its reputation of versatility, capability and extreme performance, maintaining not just its history but also a distinct sense of refinement.

Reasons to buy Nissan Patrol in Qatar

Performance of Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol is a luxury SUV that is 2-Wheel-Drive and a 4-Wheel-Drive SUV powered with a 5.6 liter V8 engine that generates 317 horsepower, 7-speed automatic and manual transmission, a large enough engine for a large enough SUV to provide drivers with the necessary power to go where others don’t dare, taming the most unwelcoming terrain and yet is characterized with remarkable fuel efficiency.

Design and Features of Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol is a luxurious and comfortable SUV that offers new technologies that enhanced the total driving experience, Patrol features a strongly was the angled-strut motif front grille, and from the inside, Patrol offers a generous space with leather seats, the front of which are heated and adjustable, with polished aluminum, wood grain paneling, and a multi-screen DVD entertainment system. Nissan Patrol also introduces safety with front and side airbags, ABS breaking system, but also features a new (FCW) Forwards Collision Warning system that will help and notify drivers from being involved in a pileup collision even when the vehicle’s involved are outside your field of vision by using an intelligent radar system that cruises the road ahead and warns you by maintaining a consistently safe following distance.

Standout Features of Nissan Patrol

The SUV genre is crowded with vicious competition; this is why many people seek Nissan Patrol for sale, and it stands out with various features, such as powerful engine, generous and comfortable space, high-quality interior materials and a list of advanced tech features.

Availability and Price of Nissan Patrol in Qatar

A brand new and used 2014-2015 Nissan Patrol for sale in Carmudi will cost you between QAR (180,000 – 300,000), and 2010-2013 models cost between QAR (80,000 – 200,000), while 2005-2009 models cost between QAR (50,000 – 150,000).

General Impression about Nissan Patrol in Qatar

The Nissan Patrol is unquestionably the company’s “go anywhere, do anything” vehicle, this car is powerful and full of potential, whether you were taking the Patrol on the regular roads or enjoying its power off-roads, and offers many class leading features, with ground-breaking technologies, innovations and exceptional comfort, Nissan Patrol introduces many features to spoil its owners and passengers, and many people seek Nissan Patrol for sale frequently.