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Honda Accord for Sale in Qatar

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Honda Motor Company is Japanese automobile manufacturer headquartered in. Honda produces automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment, selling different types of vehicles from sedans, hatchbacks, coupes to SUVs, and even keeping up with our modern age and time producing hybrids under the Honda brand. It is considered to be the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world ever since 2011. It is easily amongst the most famous brands in the world and consumers worldwide seek after Honda cars for sale. Honda cars are equally appreciated by many consumers in QATAR due to their resilience and reliability.

Honda Accord was introduced as a full-size luxury family sedan in 1976 and has been one of the forefronts of technological innovations and luxury cars in the automobile industry introducing new methods to car convenience, known around the world as one of the most reliable cars. It has taken a number of initiatives to make environment friendly automobiles presenting automobiles that boasts an impressive fuel economy.

Reasons to buy Honda Accord in Qatar

The performance of Honda Accord

After the creation of Accord in 1976, Honda worked on developing and upgrading Accord through nine generations so it can become more powerful and fuel efficient, Honda Accord now is available with three engines with outstanding performance, powered with 2.4 V4 engine that generates 181 horsepower and a six-speed manual and automatic transmission, a V-TEC 3.5Liter V6 engine that produces 271 horsepower, and third 2.0Liter V4 hybrid engine, all of those engines offer outstanding fuel efficiency.

The design and features of Honda Accord

Ever since its creation, Honda Accord underwent various changes when it comes to the exterior and interior design of the car, in its sixth generation in 1990 the Accord became an elegant mid-size luxury family sedan, and later became a full-size luxury sedan in its eighth and ninth generation, featuring a unique body structure is of polished detail and accuracy that makes the Accord one of the most sophisticated and glamorous Honda cars.

From the inside Accord offers spacious seating for 5 people, available in cloth upholstery and leather upholstery, power-adjustable heated front seats, and a multi-tasking touch screen with multiple functionality, and offers technology to help ease the driving experience with a rearview camera system that warns the driver when becoming extremely to another car, along with many other features that helps the Accord become a distinctive sedan.

Key features of Honda Accord

Honda Accord includes many specifications that add the joy of driving an Accord, and makes it stand apart from other competitors such Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima. This car’s special features offer advanced technology features for new models, amazing exterior design, and nimble handling.

Availability and Price of Honda Accord in Qatar

If you’re looking for Honda Accord for sale, you can search for it here at Carmudi, where people who are looking for Honda Accord for sale can find both used and new Honda Accord vehicles, a brand new Accord 2014 would cost a bit more than QAR 100,000, where a used 2008-2013 Accord would cost an approximate price range of QAR 35,000 – 90,000, depending on the condition of the car.

Highlights on Honda Accord in Qatar

Durability is one of the most important reasons of why people in Qatar seek Honda Accord for sale, thanks for offering sharp handling, spacious room, great fuel economy, and more standard features compared to other rivals.