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Honda for sale in Qatar

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Primarily known as a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, Honda was considered the second largest automobile Japanese manufacturer but became the eleventh in 2011, not only did they create automobiles and motorcycles, Honda also manufactures garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators, amongst others.

As most Japanese manufacturers, Honda worked on producing cars for the majority of people, building cars that are not too fancy but managing to maintain good quality, and did not stop there, in 1986 Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura.

Technology and the performance of Honda

Honda managed to dazzle the world with its technological inventions and modern research of artificial intelligence, by introducing Robots that play different roles, this reflects the company’s capability of innovation and thinking outside the box, and because of that, Honda is known for producing high quality products, which is also featured in their cars, providing people with that is more efficient in terms of power, torque and economical fuel consumption.

After years of research and developments Honda developed the i-VTEC and hybrid engines that focuses on being environmentally friendly engines that features low fuel consumption, Honda also focuses on developing technologies that will help keep their driver and passengers safe by introducing safety innovations from airbags, brakes, and powerful structure to withstand any mishaps, all of these features and characteristics helped Honda to become one of the most respected and powerful global car brands in the world.

Honda Price in Qatar and its Popular Models​

Honda Civic

One of the most famous Honda cars in the streets of Qatar is the Civic, this car always introduces more style, performance and technology every passing year, the new Civic offers an unbeatable package of fun, driving and affordability with exceptional satisfying power and fuel economy, as well as outstanding handling and convenience that make the Civic your window to comfort. If you’re looking for a Honda Civic for sale in Qatar, you can find a brand new 2014 for the approximate price of QAR 80,000, while a used model of 2010-2014 is in the price range of QAR 35,000-50,000 and models from 2011-2013 costs an approximate price range of QAR 30,000 or less.

Honda Accord

Ever since its production, Honda Accord has been a leading example in Precision engineering that meets exceptional styling to deliver a highly gratifying ownership experience of the Accord, providing the driver with powerful presence, elegant lines, bold design that offers powerful performance, aside to an interior with plenty of features and spaciousness. If you’re looking for a Honda Accord for sale, you can find a brand new Accord (2014) for a bit price range higher than of QAR 100,000, while a used version 2008 - 2014 would cost you QAR 40,000- 90,000.

Honda CR-V

The most famous of four-wheel drive amongst the Honda, CR-V provides unrivalled stability and smooth comfort in motion. Retuned for a sophisticated driving sensation, the new CR-V shifts engine and spare tire position for a lower center of gravity, with lightweight body rigidity and wider treads. Enjoy an easy handling, fuel economy and clean emissions.

Here are some other popular Honda models available for sale at Carmudi, such as; City, Odyssey, and Pilot.

Highlights about Honda in Qatar

Honda’s slogan is known to be “The Power of Dreams”, where Honda translates into developing the latest technologies to be able to compete against other big companies such as Toyota, after that Honda introduced their new slogan “Start Something special” that paid a broader interest in advanced robotic technologies and artificial intelligence research, and we can see that through Honda’s cars that features a modern design, powerful and environmentally friendly engines, and state-of-the-art innovations.