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Bentley for Sale in Qatar

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Bentley is a British luxury automaker founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919 to become the first car to bear its owner's name in London. Bentley started off from modest beginning, and was acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1931 to move up all the way to become an icon in the world of luxury cars in its pursuit of elegance and performance, which is the reason it competes today with top-rated automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini.

Bentley the elegant, the exclusive and the powerful has gained a lot of reputation since decades, whether it was due to its wonderful, eye-catching exterior features, elegant, hand-made interior designs or powerful performance. Bentley receives such an amazing praise in Qatar and many people seek Bentley for sale to enjoy the exciting driving experience this company offers in its cars.

Performance and Technology of Bentley

Bentley started its journey with an exceptional engine in the beginnings of World War 1, but it wasn't a car engine, it was an aircraft engine which was considered the best engine available back then, and with the earnings received by selling this engine, Bentley was founded in 1919 to become an automaker. Bentley was outstandingly successful in both racing and setting new speed records, thanks to its team of engineers leading a wide range of research and experiments to be innovative and successful in this field, adding even more demand on Bentley cars for sale all over the world.

Recently, the technological features in Bentley cars has reached a new level; it has an advanced mechanics and four-wheel systems that help it provide top-notch performance at all speeds, as well as developing turbo-charged engines to increase response and power. Bentley also used the ME17 system in its engines. This system improves acceleration, provides fuel efficiency and decreases emissions to make Bentley cars power economical and eco-friendly.

Bentley Price in Qatar and its Popular Models​

Bentley provides high-quality cars to reach luxury enthusiasts and fans all over the world and many people search for Bentley for sale in Qatar accordingly. Those who seek elegance find it in Bentley cars, and its most popular models in Qatar are:

Continental is a luxury car produced by the British automaker Bentley since 1952. This car is known for its unique looks in a sculptured body done in a highly-advanced method to make it as luxurious as possible, as well as having top-notch interior, plenty of features and an unmatchable performance especially in its modern trim the Continental GT. You can find models ranging from 2006 to 2014 in Carmudi for prices between QAR (240,000 – 840,000).

Flying Spur is a luxury car produced by the British automaker Bentley since 2006, and it has the same amazing Continental features, with an addition of a different V8 engine, as well as a unique blend of graceful design and fine coachwork. You can find its 2010 model in Carmudi for prices between QAR (350,000 – 450,000).

Highlights on Bentley in Qatar

"To build a fast car, a good car, and the best in its class" was the slogan W.O Bentley had set for Bentley, and this company has proven its capability of making the best luxurious cars worldwide with its amazing productions overtime, going from strength to strength guided by its founder beliefs, actions and ambitions. You should consider searching for Bentley cars for sale in Qatar if you want to enjoy the luxury and the performance that will satisfy your needs.